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Civil War Company's Records of Events

Civil War Company's Records of Events

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The Record of Events doesn't usually mention specific soldiers by name, but they tell where each company was during the war on a month by month basis.  You can usually tell if the company was engaged in a specific battle, or where they were stationed at different points during the war.  If you're trying to find out what your ancestor's company was doing, this is a good record to have.  

These are available for both Union and Confederate regiments.  

Details & Terms

  • You will receive digital images of the records, delivered electronically.  
  • Please allow for 4-6 weeks at the most for delivery, but in many cases it will be shorter than that. 
  • These are only available for Union soldiers.
  • Please be sure you submit the correct details.  We're not responsible if you order the wrong company's records.  If you have a Civil War ancestor, but you're not sure what's available to order, click here and we can help you start the process.     


Please input the company's details below.  If your soldier was involved in more than one unit, please include all of them in this order.