UPDATE ON 22 August 2020-- We aren't accepting orders through the website until the National Archives reopens. Please contact us directly for details about ordering.


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Presentations available:

1.  "I Have a Civil War Ancestor... Now What?"  

Civil War soldiers often left a rich genealogical paper trail.  Many of these records are tucked away at the National Archives in Washington DC.  Learn what records are available for your ancestors only at the National Archives, what records are online already, and how to access all of them.  These records may unlock some of the family stories that have been forgotten over time, as well as break down a brick wall or two! 

2.  "Was My Ancestor in the Civil War?"  

About nine percent of the US population fought in the Civil War in the 1860s.  Was your ancestor one of them?  Learn some tips on how to determine if your ancestor was in the Civil War, using (mostly) free resources.